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Who is Xeccon

Who is Xeccon

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Xeccon is a global brand recognized in all seven continents. We specialize in innovative bicycle lights, hunting & dive torches, USB rechargeable tactical torches, mobile phone photography lighting and more.

We started operations in 2007 manufacturing torches. Our meteoric rise is fully attributed to innovative patented designs and high quality OEM supply and branding. Xeccon began its Quality Management Systems with a keen eye for detail and quality assurance.

In 2012 Xeccon diversified its range of lighting products to high powered bicycle lights and the worlds first hands-free dive torch, the Nemo. Demand and production increased compelling us to move to a brand new facility in the LED industrial heartland in Shenzhen, China.
Fast forward to 2016 sees us driving for total global distribution with exciting products like the Milan series, mtb Zeta range, dynamo Electra series, Stiletto torches, Nautilus dive torches and Monic mobile amoungst others.

Quality & Service
Xeccon's Quality Assurance is second to none. From R&D's design concepts to design, products are proven to work as intended. Prototypes go through various simulated test conditions and are then tweaked to specifications. More test before approval for mass production.

Quality Management monitors from supply chain to shipment. Every unit is built, checked and sent to shelves of the Run Test Rooms where they are left running for hours. Products are then packed with accessories.
Xeccon products come with 24 months warranty. Doubling standard warranties provide distributors, retailers and end-users peace of mind they are getting products par excellence. Post warranty all Xeccon products are covered by our Lifetime Care program.

Proven Race Pedigree
Xeccon and its sellers have been sponsoring mountain bike race solo and team riders since 2013. The ultimate proving ground are rough and tumble 24 hour mtb racing circuits. Time and again our elite riders on ultra expensive race bikes have stood on podium platforms marked 1. This was again demonstrated at the latest WEMBO in New Zealand with Peter Selkrig and Catherine Wood. Accolades flowed for their light's sheer brightness and reliability in the absolute toughest conditions.

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