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2016 Xeccon Sponsorship

Xeccon Sponsorship

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2016 Xeccon Sponsorship
                     Stay Safe, Stay Ahead

Organizer: Shenzhen Xeccon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd

Overview: Xeccon's 2016 worldwide Sponsorship is split into two categories. First, we are searching for Solo & Teams 24 hour racing riders for our new Zeta  Racing rang. Pro and no-pro applicants need to apply with racing history and credentials. Once approved, you will be our ambassadors in the racing world, using and promoting our range of products. Spots are open but limited so put in your application quickly.

Second, we are offering review samples of the new Milan series/Lighting for Love front & tail commuter safety lights. These lights are meant to promote healthy lifestyle through cycling, day or night. Our aim is to encourage recreational fitness and road commuter safe riding. We also have a passion for environmental sustainability through reduction in global carbon pollution. We can achieve by helping increase uptake of bicycle riding, day or night.

With your help the world will witness a Completely New, Completely Xeccon from 2016.

Sponsorship search duration & requirements:
 Recreational, Commuter, Amateur, professional racer etc. Sponsorship application is open from May 12 to 31st 
2016. Products will be supplied to approved applicants anywhere in the world.

To qualify for Zeta Racing sponsorship, Solo or Team applicants will to need to fill an application form including previous racing experience, submit pics or websites showing participation and the races intended for 2016/2017. We will require you to promote the Xeccon at future events and send us pictures of your race participation.

To qualify for the Milan review smaples, simply fill your name and riding experience. We will require you to review and prmote the lights in any forum or public discussion. Pictures of the Milan lights on your bike stationary and while riding are also required.

For Zeta Racing and Milan reviews we require product review postings in either forums and / or blogs, he/ she may also post their experiences in Facebook or other social media, YouTube or Video uploads of your racing or social rides. Send links and addresss reference to info@xeccon.com . Please include name and sponsorship/ reviewer reference.

Requirements and Terms & Condition notes:
A)Fill in the application and survey form.
B)Post user reviews
C)Upload ride experience or video review
D)Share user and riding tips where possible
E)Please share B), C), D) under the topic of sponsorship @ https://www.facebook.com/xecconlighting/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


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