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 XECCON was founded by Amanda Lee in 2007 in Shenzhen, China, with the corporate vision of delivering value, quality, and innovation in lights to all consumers. XECCON designs, manufactures and distributes a variety lights for cycling, diving, hunting and other outdoor activities for consumers seeking a quality user experience. XECCON is now a key player in the lights industry due to its durable quality, on-time delivery and unique design, along with reputation gained in various global exhibitions, such as EuroBike Show, Taipei Cycle Show, InterBike Show and Shanghai International Bike Show. In its short history in the lights industry, XECCON has experienced rapid growth and significant improvement. Within the past years, XECCON's team of founders, engineers, and designers have earned a number of patents and design awards, with several additional patents coming soon.

XECCON will continue to strive for higher level of innovations and new products that fit with its brand. 
XECCON will establish new levels of innovation and deliver new products that will honor its brand. 
XECCON's promise has always been, "Provide outstanding value to customers and premier career opportunities to employees".

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